About us

We take seriously the researchs we lead. We take care each step of our projects in order to ensure the best results for our clients. 


    1. Exclusive and flexible structure, able to attend different projects in short time
    2. Specific places for product storage and manipulation
    3. Presentation and cleaning procedures to fulfill technical and scientific process
    4. Air exhaust control
    5. Temparature control
    6. Specific places for evaluators and visitants


  1. On line Questionnaires
  2. Mobile Questionnaires
  3. Social Media
  4. Real time consumption evaluation
  5. Softwares for data colection and analysis
  6. Results on demand


  1. People appreciation
  2. Compliance with schedules and respect with participants
  3. Appropriate incentives
  4. Importance of participation highlight
  5. Previous recruitment with rigorous verification
  6. Diversity of people and profiles
  7. Wide range of recruitment
  8. Updating of respondents