We lead quantitative research, respecting and supporting the protocol and methodology development that suits better with each project.  

We believe that is necessary to go beyond liking and to understand the relationship between intrensic characteristics (appearance, taste, texture, flavor), and extrinsic characteristics (package, brand and concept). The linking between marketing and development should be founded in a unique language, that should be in consense with consumer. These elements are key to understand if what is being offered meets consumers expectations, and which emotions are aroused during the choice and consumption moments. 

Our team have deep knowledge in methods and use different tools combined with techniques and analysis to measure the interaction between intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics during the entire experience of products use. This way, it is possible to have a better picture of how consumers percieve the products, making possible more assertive recomendations for our clients. 

Quantitative Tests 

  1. Acceptance - Products attributes are measured and opportunities for improvement are identified.
  2. Preference - The prefered product is indicated among the samples evaluated, and it's possible to understand which attributes are drivers of liking.
  3. Ranking - Products are placed in order according any criterion: preference, intensity, etc.
  4. Best Worst Scaling - Provide informations about the magnitude of importance of many characteristics of products, brands, concepts, emotions, personality, and how they are related to each other, for example: which emotions are aroused by a product or brand.
  5. Implicit - Using implicit techniques we are able to measure unconscious answers and emotions related to products, brands, concepts and packages. It makes possible to understand the individuals habits and behaviours, and how it impacts and influences consumers choice.  
  6. Claims Validation Tests - This test allows us to validate products claims pertaining to the sensory and perceptual attributes of a product.