We lead qualitative research in one-way mirror room, where consumers discuss and provide insights about products, brands, services, packages, etc.

We have simultaneous translation to many languages (english, spanish, french, etc) and live transmission to any place around the world, so clients are allowed to interact during groups discussions. Besides, it's possible to record everything to be used in the future. 

Besides, we like to innovate the way we perform our enterviews, incorporating tools that improve the discussions, make them more attractive, enjoyable and providing better insights. 

Qualitative Methods 

  1. Desrupt - Deconstruction and Reconstruction of brands, concepts, products, packages
  2. Focus Ring - Members of a group with different profiles in discussion
  3. Game Group - Games and interative tools during the discussion
  4. Family Group - Family members or friends placed in the same group for discussion
  5. Focus Group - Moderated interviews with consumers groups
  6. Deep interviews - Consumers are interviewed one-on-one
  7. Concept and claims evaluation - Discussion on concepts, brands and packages are conducted followed by individual or in group produtcs evaluation