We recruit people and conduct many acuity tests to evaluate their perception, discrimination and verbalization capabilities, in order to select a group to be members of the judges panel. 

We perform sessions to provide descriptive data, and trainings with references and scales. We perform the panel validation and maintenance to ensure the quality of our results.

Panels Deliveries:

  1. Descriptive tests - It's possible to get valid and reliable informations about products characteristics, that are helpful during their development. Besides, we can map the products in the market, understand their position and which attributes approach and differentiate them.  
  2. Discriminatives tests - We can identify if there is perception of difference between products. We can assess if a change in formulation or ingridient will be percieved or not. It's also possible to make a quality control of products and development process.
  3. Shelf-Life tests - These are tests to validate the length of time that a product will remain the same acceptable quality or have no change in desired sensory characteristics.